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MONTHLY TUITION for Tumbling Classes $65/Month Murrieta

MONTHLY TUITION for Tumbling Classes  $70/Month Irvine

Specialty Class Tuition Varies by Location.  Please click on Schedules and pick the location of your choice to view each location's specific prices.


Tuition is Due on the 1st of each month and if not paid by the 7th, a late fee is automatically assessed. $15 for Class members and $30 for  Team members  


Discounts for Multiple Classes or Siblings are available.  Please inquire with your office manager.

Please call the office of your choice to schedule your class.


All Athletes should wear comfortable athletic style clothing. Hair should be tied back in a pony tail and all jewelry should be removed prior to entering the gym. Athletic or Cheer Shoes are suggested for all tumbling and cheer classes.


Make Up Classes are offered when at least a 3 hour notice is given to the PCM Office. All make ups must be completed within 4 weeks of the missed class. All make ups are forfeited if you withdrawal from the program. We do not offer make up classes when the gym is closed. Our tuition is based on a 4 week month while some months have 5 weeks and others have only 3. It is necessary for you to call the PCM office to schedule your make up. Upon arrival for your make up class, stop by the office to let them know you are there.


A 4 Week Drop Notice in writing is required. Please stop by the office to fill out your withdrawal form. You will be responsible for the additional 4 weeks worth of tuition in which a class was held in your child's name if you do not turn in your written 4 Week Drop notice. 


PCM allows students to do Drop In Classes as long as there is space available in the class and prior notification is given.  Drop in classes are $20/class.  ($10/class for current PCM Team Members)  Please call your PCM office at least 2 hours in advance to schedule a Drop In class.  Payment is due prior to the start of the class. 


All PCM locations offer Open Gym on various nights.  (please see the schedules page for days and times)  Open Gym is $5 per person and a signed current PCM Waiver must be on file for athletes to participate.  You can find our Open Gym Waiver under the Forms sections of our website.


Private Lessons are available at each location.  Private lessons are a privilege and athlete's must be in good standing with PCM.  Payments are made prior to the lesson at the Front Desk.  An athlete's PCM Yearly Registration Fee must be up to date to participate and or schedule a private lesson.  Yearly Registration Fees are $35.  Private lesson fees are posted at each location.