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Jarret and Kellie Elliott

Kellie moved to California in 2000 after graduating from Elmira College and spending her summers as an NCA instructor she decided to pursue her career in teaching Special Education.  In 2003, Kellie married Jarret Elliott (who is a retired  US NAVY Chief Petty Officer and served for over 20 years )  and also had their first son, Brady Michael.  Kellie was determined after having Brady that she wanted to get back into the All-star Cheer industry.  Jarret supported her passion for this sport and in May 2005 (while 5 months pregnant with their daughter Berlynn Shea) they opened Pacific Coast Cheer, Inc.   In September 2010, Kellie gave birth to her third child, Brogan Killian.  Family means the world to Kellie and she continues to strive everyday  to balance the joys of motherhood, marriage, business and her love for coaching children of all ages and abilities.  They have continued to grow in this industry from year to year while balancing their family and through this journey of hard work they continue to have FUN along this journey of SUCCESS as a team!  

PCM Irvine

I am currently a team coach, choreographer and All-star director at PCM Irvine. My first year with PCM was in 2013. I have cheered competitively for West Coast Rush Coed 4 (2007-2008), West Coast Rush IOC6 athlete (2010-2011), Stealth All Stars Phoenix (2012-2013). Some of my accomplishments are...2013 NCA All Stars National Champion (IOC6) and 2013 World Champion IOC6 (Stealth All Stars Phoenix) I am currently USASF Certified Levels 1-6 and I am CPR & First Aid Certified. I also have a Hip Hop Dance background (placed top 3 out of 230 dancers in a FAMEus competition in 2006, won numerous Regional & National dance tittles in group and solo divisions).  I have grown in the cheerleading industry by starting and developing my own brand of Choreography called WINchoreograpghy. I have worked & choreographed All-star cheer teams, Regional & National High School and Middle School teams ( El Camino HS, California HS, Van Nuys HS, Notre Dame HS, Hale MS, Abraham Lincoln HS, Canyon HS) and have Choreographed Regional & National winning routines for All Star programs (West Coast Rush All Stars, Stealth All Stars) Mini, Jr, Sr routines. I also coach private camps for All Stars & High School/Middle Schools (West Coast Rush, Stealth All Stars, Canyon HS, Hale MS, Notre Dame HS).  I am proud that I have be a part of PCM Worlds and Summit teams since 2013 coaching, choreographing and being on a team. I have had the pleasure of coaching PCM Resurrection, Trust, Rogue, Eclipse, Co-X, Majesty, Fantasy and many more over the last five years. I am proud to be a part of PCM and all it stands for! PCM4lIFE:)) 

Born and raised in Southern California, Bianca grew up being extremely involved in sports. From Track & Field, to Volleyball and Softball, Bianca was always very active. In May 2004 she made the decision to trade in her softball cleats for cheer shoes. In 2007 she began her coaching career while continuing to cheer as an athlete for Glendale College, and also a summer camp instructor for UCA. Over the course of the last 13 years, Bianca has been blessed with many great accomplishments in the cheer industry, with PCM now being added to the list! Going into her thhird year with PCM, she is very excited to continue her journey with a company that is passionate about the success of their athletes, along with the growth and knowledge of their staff! A few of her accolades consist of: 3rd in the nation at UCA College Nationals (Athlete, 2008) UCA Female Rookie Instructor Of The Year (Athlete, 2010) 4th in the nation at UCA High School Nationals (Coach, 2014) Top 3 at multiple USA High School Nationals (Coach, 2012-2015) National Champion at JAMZ and ATC Nationals (Athlete, 2016) 6th in the world at The World Cheerleading Championships (Athlete, 2016)

Savannah was born and raised in Orange County, CA. She started in gymnastics as soon as she could walk and made the switch to all-star cheerleading at age 7. She has been cheerleading for almost 16 years and has been a part of Pacific Coast Magic for over 4 years. She has won multiple National Championships and has competed at The Cheerleading Worlds 6 times, receiving a Full Paid Bid twice! When she is not cheering, she’s in school studying towards her degree in graphic design. She loves computers and using her creative side to design websites. Savannah is currently an athlete on PCM Resurrection for the second year in a row. She lives to compete and perform on the blue mat with her team/family and is excited to share her passion with the PCM athletes! She is a second year staff member for JAMZ! We are excited to welcome to the Coaching Staff at PCM! “I can’t wait to start the season and pass on my knowledge to younger generations of the PCM family!”

This will be my third season with Pacific Coast Magic Irvine. I started my cheerleading career when I was 4 years old (my mom owned one of the first cheer gyms in SO CAL and currently still cheering! I’ve cheered for Laser All-Star Cheer, OC Allstars, The California Allstars and now have found my home at PCM! I was on PCM Majesty all girl 6 last year and a current member PCM Co-X small coed 6.  Lasers All-Star Cheer was owned by my family and where I fell in love with this sport! I’ve won many National and State titles throughout my cheer career but my biggest accomplishment is winning the 2013 World Championships. Cheerleading has always been such a big part of my life and my biggest passion I knew I always wanted to be a coach! Practically everyone in my family has been a coach! When I first started coaching it was with my sisters for a pop warner team. 
When I graduated high school I helped coach my high school team the next year! This past year was my first season coaching at our tiny team Tiny Envy which was coached coach Savannah. They went undefeated all season! I also coached both session of our Mid Year team Allure that did awesome this season! Both teams are coming back with full retention & I am so excited to see these kids grow with our awesome staff. I am so blessed to be able to coach theses amazing athletes at PCM and can’t wait for tryouts and to see what next season holds for us!


PCM Murrieta


My name is Coach Jessica. I have been with PCM for 11 years. I am married with 3 Children (well one is an adult) and have lived in the Temecula Valley since 1989. I was the first graduating class of Murrieta Valley High school and have had the pleasure to work with thousands of children throughout my 22 years of coaching. I have been blessed throughout my career with wining NCA, multiple Summit top 5 finishes, and multiple national championships. I’m in the process of finishing up my degree in Health and Nutrition Science at California State University of San Bernardino. I’m a busy body who loves to juggle work, school, and motherhood.  I look forward to starting my 12 years here at PCM Murrieta. I can’t wait to watch these kids grow and create memories along the way.  I am #PCM4LIFE!!

 My name is Shani Whitehead and this will be my 14th season with Pacific Coast Magic. I moved to the US from Australia in 2000 and in 2005 joined Magic All Stars before the merger with PC. I won several National Championships throughout my All Star cheer career. I was blessed with the opportunity to compete at Worlds 4x and knew towards the end of my career that I wanted to stay involved in this sport and coach. I started coaching in 2011 and this upcoming season will be my 7th year with levels 1-4. I have earned numerous titles as a coach and have coached teams to The Summit in 2016, 2017 and 2018 with every year ending in a Top 5 finish. I am very passionate about what I do and love the athletes I work with.  Outside of cheerleading I am engaged to my high school sweetheart of almost 14 years. I live in Orange County and commute to Murrieta and wouldn’t trade the long drives for anything! I adore the athletes I’ve watched grow up over the last few years and love working side by side with the Murrieta staff.

My name is Emily McGannon and this is my 10th year with Pacific Coast Magic. I moved to the Murrieta area in 2009 and that is when I started PCM when they first merged. I have been on level 2 teams all the way to level 5 teams with my time being at PCM. I have won many national championship tiles and was even a 2 time West Coast Cup Champion. In 2014 I received the Magic award and was honored to receive that from my coaches. In 2014-2015 I was an alternate for Mysterious and had a blast going to Worlds with them. In 2014-2015 I decided to be on a level 3 team, The Soldiers of Enchanted, and with endless hours in the gym and lots of work, I went to the summit in 2015 and won my first Summit title. What a great way to end my cheer season... in the Fall, when I couldn’t take not being in the gym so much. I texted Kellie and told her I need to be involved still and that led me to coaching. I coached my first midseason teams and had so much fun. In 2016, I was asked to fill in on Enchanted for the remainder of the season and after attending the Summit, I won back to back. I continued to coach and really found a love for teaching kids. I coach full season teams along with multiple academy classes! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me here at PCM ๐Ÿ’œOutside of PCM, I am finishing up my general education at a community college and start in the fall for my bachelors program at National University to become and elementary teacher. Coaching has really made me realize how much I love working with kids and inspiring them. I have found a love for leading our future generation! I will also be coaching at Cornerstone Christian School this upcoming school year (2018-2019). I am beyond blessed to have created strong friendships and relationships at PCM ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿงก I love every athlete that I work with and am so excited for this new season! #PCM4LIFE

I am currently a team and tumbling coach. I have been a part of All-Star Cheer for the 11 years. I first started cheering at Pacific Coast Cheer in 2005. I have competed levels 2 through 6. I started coaching at PCM in 2014, coaching a mid-season team. I love many things about coaching. I enjoy sharing my passion of cheer with younger athletes. I also love inspiring and being a role model to the athletes. Cheering has helped me be the person I am today! It made me get out of my shell and not be shy. I love watching athletes grow and achieve new skills.

Alexis Spivacke Picture Coming Soon

Hi everyone name is Lexi, this will be my third season coaching at PCM, and i have been with PCM for 7 years total!! I started as a dancer at Miss April’s Dance Company in Murrieta for about 10 years and i just wanted something different so Miss April recommended PCM and i’ve been hooked ever since then! Throughout my years at PCM I have been on many amazing teams a few being the soldiers of enchanted from 2013-2016 including us going back to back at The Summit in 2015 and 2016 earning three full paid bids to summit those three years being on enchanted and winning many amazing titles throughout those years! I started off on a senior two team supernatural (being a flyer) if anyone remembers that lol and worked my way up finishing my career on a senior level 4 team. Although i wish i could still cheer my body is definitely telling me no, after two major injuries it was time to retire. This past year i had the opportunity to coach our tiny 1 and mid season teams and it was a blast!!! I loved watching the kids grow throughout the season and watching them have the passion for it like i do. Honestly coming to PCM and being involved in such a family oriented gym was probably one the best choices i could’ve made, it has made me so much more outgoing and brought me out of my shell so much, PCM has created so many friends and memories that will for sure last a life time!! Outside of cheer i attended Palomar College in San Marcos where i am finishing up my AA in Kinesiology to become a personal trainer and then to go on to Cal State San Marcos to get my Bachelors after! I’m so excited for the 2018-2019 season here at PCM and to see all the new faces and what the new season brings us!!