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Competitive Cheerleading near Murrieta

Kim Jones

Kim is one of our longest athlete and employee at PCM.  She has been a part of All-Star Cheer for the 12 years at PCM. Kim first started cheering at Pacific Coast Cheer in 2005 and has competed levels 2 through 6. Kim has been a member of some of PCM's historic teams: Phenomenon (restricted 5), Mysterious (small coed 5 & Sr. 5 Open Coed), Co-X (Small Coed 7) and Resurrection (Lg. Coed 7).  She started coaching at PCM in 2014 coaching a mid-season team and has since coached two cheer teams a season and is an incredible academy coach of all levels of cheer, stunting and tumbling.  She loves many things about coaching. Kim enjoys sharing her passion of cheer with younger athletes. She also loves inspiring and being a role model to the athletes. Cheering has helped her be the person she is today! Kim says "It made me get out of my shell and not be shy. I love watching athletes grow and achieve new skills."

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